Brother Wolf was a member of Our Lake County Florida
Chapter. He was Patched in under our old Edge Water
Florida Chapter in January 1991.  In 2004 He was asked to
help start up our new Lake County Chapter.  He would
eventually become that Chapter's President. Brother Wolf
wasn't a big man in stature, But He could come off bigger
then life, Especially when he wanted to express His ideals
and beliefs on how brothers should present Them selfs. At
times he was known as Hard Headed and Aurgumentative
as He was very Set in His Ways. But to His Brothers that
knew Him best, Understood that He was simply a true and
dedicated Warlock Brother, Who was only trying to push,
what he viewed, was our Traditional values of Old School
Brotherhood. Brother Wolf felt it was important to be part
of a Community in which you lived. He helped spearhead
His Chapter into Hosting yearly Benefits to raise Money to
Support many Worthy Causes in and around the Lake Co.  
Community.  Brother Wolf joined our Free Bird Chapter In
The early evening of November 13, 2011. While Passing
Cars on SR 46 in Seminole County, one car turned left in
front him, killing Our Brother & His Female companion in
the resulting Crash. Brother Wolf died the way He Lived
''full throttle open''.   Ride In Peace Brother,  We Miss You.