Weird Beard was a member of the Orlando Mother
Chapter. He got his name, like alot of the early Brothers,
while He was probating. Back then, because of new
mandatory probation periods, We would tend to have 3
or 4 Probates at any one time, We never used their
names, They were simply, "HEY PROBATE!".  When
Weird Beard was probating, He had long hair and a very
long untrimmed beard, after riding, He would climb off
His PanHead with His beard blown back in all directions.
Our Brothers got to referring to Him as "THAT PROBATE
WITH THE WEIRD BEARD". Brother Weird Beard was
small in size, but big in His dedication to Our Club and
His Love for Our Brothers. He wasn't a tuff guy or a big
fighter and He never pretended to be, but you could
always count on Him having your back, without any
hesitation, in any situation. He considered himself an
amateur Photo Bug and took His Camera almost every
where He went. It was with Him the night His motorcycle
wreck took His life. Ride in Peace Brother, We Miss You.