Wayne was our clubs National President at the time of
his death. Originally a member of our Mother Chapter,
He was an avid bodybuilder who believed that a
healthy body produced a healthy mind and a positive
outlook on life. Wayne was a decent and dedicated
Brother who demanded loyalty and respect from our
members, not only to our Brotherhood, but to our own
Families. He himself was a devoted Family Man, which
would make his death ironic, when his 15 year old
Daughter, who had became infatuated with a 20 year
old man, helped this Child Molester plot and then carry
out Her own Father's Murder so they could be together.
On the evening of September 3rd 1991, the pair, with
help from another Man, staged a fake Robbery in the
Family's Home, then they waited in the dark for Wayne
to return. When He entered through the door, He was
killed with His own Shotgun. The Court Judge, when
later sentencing the girl for her role in wayne's murder
added insult to injury by Publicly blaming our Brother
for his own death. Saying that this tragedy was the
direct result of a Child being raised by a Father who
was a member of a Notorious Motorcycle Gang.
Knowing our Brother Wayne, We know He would have
forgave His Daughter for what She did, But We His
Brothers can not. Ride in Peace Brother, We miss you.