Stokes was a Member of Our Sebring Chapter in
Florida. When Stokes was 20 years old, He and
another friend, were hailed as Local Heros in His
Hometown of Avon Park Florida, when They came
across a 44 year old Intoxicated Woman, who had
somehow unknowingly, Driven up onto a Railroad
Track and got stuck in the loose gravel. Realizing
that the Crossing Lights were Flashing, Stokes
and his Friend rushed to pull the Woman from her
Pickup Truck just before it was Totaled by the
speeding Train. Our Brother Stokes was a Good
and Friendly Man and was a well Beloved Warlock
Brother. He was a Devoted Son to His Parents Jim
and Sandra, As an only Child, Our Club Brothers
became the only Siblings He never had. Brother
Stokes was a Plumber by Trade and worked along
side His Father, who also Worked as a Plumber.
Our Brother Stokes was killed by a Self Inflicted
Handgun Accident on April 21,2013. He was 28
years old. Ride in Peace Brother, We Miss You.