Brother Reverent was a Member of our
Allgau Chapter in Germany. Reverent, aka
Heino by some of our Newer Brothers,
was a 20 Year Respected Lifer in our Club
and One of the remaining Original 5 that
made up our First Warlocks European
Chapter, started up in the Allgau Region of
Southern Germany. Our Brother Reverent
was born and raised in the old german City
of Wangen, located on the Allgau Region's
western side, an Area He always Jokingly
refered to as ''the Armpit of Germany'',
There He worked as a Pump Fitter.  
Brother Reverent was quiet man, with a
heart as big as his stature. He didn't speak
much English, but our American and
English Brothers had no problem at all,
understanding the Love and Respect he
Expressed to any and all of Our Brothers.
Always laughing and smiling, Brother
Reverent was just one of those kind of
People You just liked being around.  As
Brothers We could always Count on Him
for anything at any time, no matter the
Hour or the Reason. On A Friday, June 22,
2012, Our Brother was enjoying a Ride on
His Harley Buell, down a Country Road on
the outskirts of Wangen,  As He crossed
up over a Blind Rail Road Track, He was
startled by a Farm Tractor pulling a Trailer,
which had slowed down to make a left turn
in front of Him. He instinctly and quickly
grabbed His Front Brake, locking the front
wheel, which due to His lower speed, The
Bike, instead of skidding, Flipped up on
the Front wheel, throwing Him and the bike
to the Ground. He would die instantly, from
a Broken Neck. Reverent, 41 Years of age,
was still in the Prime of His young Life.
Ride in Peace Old Brother, We Miss You.
 Warlock Forever Forever  Warlock!!