Jimmy 3 Fingers was a member of our Osceola Florida
Chapter. After already Probating from one of our other
Chapters in florida, He was Patched in July 2007, during
Our New Osceola County's first official Chapter Meeting,
This made Him one of that chapters Founding members.
When Jimmy was a teenager, he lost the little Finger on
his right hand in a Hunting Accident, this would be the
source behind the Knick Name, that everyone would
come to call him by. Our Brother was A Veteran, he was
also a hard worker and was loved by many & respected
by all that came to know him. He was not only a true and
dedicated Warlock to our Brothers, But He was a Devoted
Husband to His Wife of 31 years, Laura, And A Caring &
loving Father to His two Children Megan & Michael Scott.
On Friday September 2, 2011, Jimmy 3 Fingers was riding
his 2010 Harley on the florida turnpike in osceola county,
When He Crashed His Motorcycle from trying to Abruptly
avoid an Obstacle laying directly in His Pathway. He Died
2 hours later in A Hospital, from Massive Head Trauma.
He was 58 Years old. Ride In Peace Brother, We Miss You