Jack was a member of our Columbia South Carolina
Chapter. Along with His Father and Brother-In-Law,
They all came to our Brotherhood as "Patch-Overs"
from a S.C. Veterans Motorcycle Club, of which He
and His Father had originally Founded. Jack was a
typical Southern Good-ol-Boy, constantly smiling
with that easy going attitude. He had this slow and
friendly way of talking with His heavy Carolina
accent and was always ready to converse in long
discussions about anything and everything. He was
just one of those Brothers you liked being around.
But there was nothing slow or easy about the way
He rode His Harley. It was twist the throttle fast and
hard, no matter where or how far he was riding.         
On that Tuesday evening, May 16th 2006, Jack and
some Brothers were heading home from a Club
Function. They were all picking up speed, when a
car up in front of them stopped unexpectedly.
everyone managed to brake or maneuver around the
car except Jack, who coming up though the middle
of the group, slammed into the back of the car. He
died at the scene, He was 40 years old. Jack had
always remarked, that when he died, He wanted to
be cremated and have His Brothers Jam-a-Pack
down the Highway scattering His Ashes at 80 mph.
Our Brothers did get together and honored Jack's
wishes.   Ride in Peace Brother, We miss you.