Hed was a member of our Orlando Mother Chapter. He
was one of those brothers that could easily be defined
as a “Warlock’s Warlock”!  As one of the founding
members of our Warlocks’ Hate Factory,  His charisma
intelligence, and straight to the point way of talking,
gained him the type of respect he demanded. He was
loved by all that befriended him and feared by anyone
who crossed him. Hed was also our big "Movie Star"
Brother, as we would jokingly tease him. When the
Producer and Director, who were filming a new Biker
Movie called “Running Cool”, had its casting call in
Melbourne Florida, they stopped in the local Harley
Shop there to look at some Bikes, after only a couple
of minutes talking with Hed, who was working in the
shop as a mechanic, the Director knew he had to have
him in the movie.  Hed was a Class-Act all the way!     
It was a Saturday, on a dark September night, Hed was
riding his bike on a desolate state road,  in Seminole
County, when a Drunk, who had just left a Bar driving
his pick-up truck with his lights out, crossed over the
center lane directly in front of Hed. A passer-by called
in the accident. When the Paramedics arrived, Hed
was still conscious. In fact, despite his serious state,
he didn’t know how bad he was injured and he even
tried to refuse medical treatment, saying he was ok.
Hed died at the scene a few minutes later. On Saturday
September 25th, 2004, after a Wake and Viewing at
Fort Lockhart, our Orlando Clubhouse, The Warlocks
Nation took one last ride with our Brother, escorting
him to the Highland Memorial Gardens, in Altomonte
Springs fla., where each Warlock took his turn burying
our Brother.    Ride in Peace Brother, We miss you.