Gary was a member of the Florence Chapter. He moved
from Pennsylvania to South Carolina in the early 90's.
The Florence brothers have always been strict, about
their members having Carolina roots and a Southern
attitude, when it comes to chapter pride and loyalty.  
But occasionally they make rare exceptions, especially
when someone like Gary comes into their lives. He may
not have been from the south originally , but when it
came to Chapter pride and loyalty, this man could give
lessons. He was in his late 40's and was always ready,
at the drop of a hat, to ride farther and party harder than
anyone who was fortunate enough to be going with
him. He was always the life of any party and probably
the only biker I know, that any time you found him in a
bar or at a party, if the music was playing, you'd always
find Gary line dancing with about 10 women on the
dance floor. Picture that, a Warlock line dancing. He
didn't care what people thought, and smart people
didn't tell him. He was a active member and an absolute
asset, not only to the Florence Chapter, but the entire
Warlock Nation.  Ride in Peace Brother,  We miss you.