F.L. was an early member of the Orlando Mother Chapter.  
Fat Larry, as he called himself back then, was a well known
and colorful Character around the Lockhart area. Funny
and well liked, everything he said or did, if he didn't make
you laugh he made you smile. Larry showed up one night
just before one of our meetings and was being his usual
self, the Brothers were all enjoying the joking around, until
Grub finally had to send him off so we could get in to our
business. The next week just before our meeting, here he
comes again, driving up in his old Cadillac, more joking
and laughing, But this night he proclaims he wants to be a
Probate. Grub, half jokingly tells him, "Come back and see
me when you get a motorcycle". Well, sure enough, next
week here he came riding up on an old ratty PanHead.  F.L.
as he later became known as, was a well loved gentle giant
of a Brother who was dedicated to the Brotherhood we
were trying to build. Even in latter years when his health,
due to his large size confined him to a wheelchair, He still
continued to be his old lovable funny self. Whenever old
brothers get together and reminisce about the early years,  
F.L. and his exploits (and there were many) are sure to
come up. The Brothers that knew him well can appreciate
the photo above, for this is the F.L., in his signature pose,
we all knew and loved. Ride in Peace Brother, We Miss You.