Dutch was a Member of the Osceola Chapter in Florida at
the time of His Death. Having just Transfered there, One
Week before, From Our Orlando Mother Chapter, where
He had been a Brother since His Patch Date of March 12,
1977. Brother Dutch was One of Those Brothers You just
couldn't help but admire Him. Even while Probating, He
exceeded Above and Beyond, So much So, that He was
Patched In Ahead of other Probates that had much more
time then Him. Riding His Old 1949 Tank-Shift Pan Head
Dresser, Our Brother Dutch was a Class Act and a True
Brother in every since of the meaning. Always dropping
down and doing His One Handed Push-Ups, Even long
after His Probating Period Ended. Arm Wrestling in Bars
for Drinks or just Show-Boating, by Kick Starting His Pan
Head Using only His Hand. Brother Dutch was a Quiet
Brother, Always checking Things out and Sizing Up His
Surroundings with His cold dead stare, and whenever He
did Smile, It was always a Snarly menacing Grin, that
would Expose His Front Gold Tooth. Dutch always had
His Brother's Back, no matter the Situation and without
Question. In the Late 70s, Due to a Serious Legal Issue,  
He had to leave the State of Florida and began roaming
the States as a Nomad, under an another Identity. First
Traveling North to Minnesota and then back down to
Indiana, Before eventually Heading West, Spending Time
in Texas and Arizona and finally ending up in California
for Our July 4th National Run in 1979. After Hanging Out
with Our Brothers in North Hollywood for a few Months,
He got Restless and Headed back to Texas, Where His
Ol'Lady would have His Son, Michale Dale. Dutch tried to
settle down. He Opened up a little Tattoo Shop and was
determined to be a good Dad to his Son. But in 1994, His
Legal  Issues from Florida finally caught to Him, After the
Feds got a Tip to His where-abouts, He was Arrested and
was  Extradited back to Orlando for Trial. Our Brother
would spend a little over a Decade in Prison. Upon His
Release, and Realizing He was Finally a Free Man, Dutch
Came Back to Our Mother Chapter in Orlando. But to Our
Brother, After Being away from the Chapter life for so
long, He just never felt that same old Feeling, that he had
remembered from Orlando's Early Days. Although He
never missed any of Our Local Chapter Partys or Major
Club Funtions, He did pretty much keep to himself and
always rode alone. Near the End of His life, Our Brother's
Health, Due to His Years of Hard-Core Drinking, Had
finally caught up to him and He Developed Serious Liver
and Stomach related issues. The Last Few Years of His
Life involved countless Emergency Room Visits, Over
Near Death Situations. Our Brother Dutch was Found
Dead in His little House in Lockhart, On November 29,
2013. He had already made Peace with His Demise, and
had prepared His Will, leaving most of His Possessions
to His Son Michale, and Last Wishes on how He wanted
to be to be cremated after His Expected Death. It would
be Decided and Agreed upon, between both his Old and
New Chapters, that a Proper & Traditional Patch Burning
Send Off should be held at Our Orlando Mother Chapter
Bike Week Party being held that following March 2014,
Same Bikeweek Party our Brother Dutch was Patched In
at 37 Years earlier. Brother Dutch was nearing His 62nd  
Birthday.   Ride in peace Old Brother, We Miss You.