Chetty was a member of our Orlando Mother Chapter.
He was a Probate who had already probated long
enough to earn Respect and was loved and Excepted
by all our Brothers. Some even argued that He had
probated longer then He needed to. So during our
Meeting we all voted to make Chetty a full Brother,
but would do so after our upcoming Orlando Mother
Chapter's Anniversary Party, being held on the
following Saturday. Now We never let Probates know
when we plan to Patch them, But for some reason
Chetty was made aware of his new upcoming status.
Since the cat was out of the bag, Chetty was allowed
to start celebrating towards the end of the night of
the Party, before long He was unable to walk, let
alone ride his bike home. So our Brothers put him
down on one of the couches and pushed his bike out
behind the Club House. Sometime during the early
Morning He awoke and managed to find his bike. Not
knowing when he left, no one knows if He rode away
sober or not. Later We would be informed that Chetty
had been  hit and killed by a Train, as it crossed over
highway 436 in the city of Altamonte Springs, He was
obviously in route to his home in nearby Casselberry
Florida. Though Chetty had died, technically still a
Probate, We officially buried Him as a full Patched
Brother. Ride in Peace Brother, We miss you.