Charlie was a member of our Blue Ridge Virginia
Chapter. A Club Lifer and a 30 year Patch holder. He
was an original Orlando Mother Chapter Brother
from the 1970s. Charlie wasn’t his real name, in his
early days as a probate, he bore a striking likeness
to the infamous Charles Manson. So we would refer
to him as “Probate Charlie Manson”, Charlie is
what our Brothers called him from those days on.
In 1982, the Orlando Mother Chapter started up our
Melbourne Florida Chapter, but because those
Brothers there were all fairly new and inexperienced
Members, Grub appointed Charlie to go there and
lead the Chapter “in the right direction”. Charlie
obviously did the job right,  cause in 1989,  his
Melbourne Chapter merged with the Cocoa Chapter,
to become the Brevard County Chapter, which is
still going strong today.  In August 2002, Charlie
moved up to the Blue Ridge Mountains of Schuyler,
Virginia. There he founded our Blue Ridge Virginia
Chapter.  In the last few years, Charlie’s health had
been going down hill, with one medical problem
after another. Till he eventually was hospitalized
June 1st, 2006,  while in the hospital his health got
even worse. Charlie was always known as a fighter,
but after after 32 days of  fighting to just stay alive,
his medical difficulties finally got the best of him.
Our Brother Charlie passed away on Sunday July
2nd, 2006. Ride in Peace Brother,  We Miss You.