2Tuff Tommy was a member of the Florence Chapter. A
serious country boy who loved hunting, fishing ,riding
his bike, and being with his brothers at all times. In 1998
the Florence Chapter had just suffered the loss of Gary
the year before and was in the middle of under going
some major changes.2Tuff had just recently been patched
and decided that even though he was a relatively new
member , he was going to be the biggest asset this
chapter had ever put a patch on. Quite a goal , wouldn't
you say. Man let me tell you , never have I seen a man
tackle a task with the veracity this man did. What a class
act he was. Not only did he help make the Chapter's
transition successful but was always the first one there
anytime a Chapter anywhere in our Nation was having
hard times. He was truly an inspiration to all patch
holders anywhere. Ride in Peace Brother, We Miss You